Jarrett Moore: A Young Business Owner

By Paris Reaves

Jarrett Moore is a senior at LREI and a soon-to-be first year at Babson College. For his senior project, he chose to develop his skills in business. He is the founder and owner of the urban clothing company, NYCLO. The brand stands for “New York City Lift Off” and Moore does all of the designing, marketing, production, and selling. He has chosen to do this because he is inspired by the fashion and business he sees in SOHO. Stores like Bape, A.P.C., Supreme, Billionaire Boys Club, etc. price their merchandise ridiculously high and Moore had no interest in spending hundreds of dollars a week on that clothing. He wanted to be apart of the “hype” and figure out how to create and sell appealing clothing. So, Moore decided to start his own clothing company to see if he can reproduce the “hype” and create a name for himself.

Moore’s day never really follows a schedule. “My schedule varies consistently. There are days when I am just designing in the 3rd floor studio so I can store [the designs] away for when I think it is time to release them. Sometimes I sit around and send emails trying to make things work for weeks to come. There are days when I am making test shirts and playing around with different types of garments at my Chinatown studio. There are even days where I am barging into people’s offices trying to get their attention to see how I can better my brand.,” said the young business owner.

To start his business, he connected with the owner of a store called Brooklyn Circus. His name was Ouija, and he was not kind to Moore and he did not support his business at all. After that, Moore really started to to take off with this project when he went to the Guggenheim museum with some friends and one of the young security guards, Alex, started talking to them. He referred Moore to his friend, Bevon St. Louis Brewster, who has his own clothing company and is a graphic designer and writer. Bevon gave Jarrett all the materials he would need to really get his feet off the ground. Bevon has become a mentor to Moore’s process while Moore interns for him.

If you want to see what Moore has done so far,, check out his instagram, “nycliftoff”, and look out for some of the logo stickers on the street. You can also buy a T-shirt for $20 if you email the company atnycliftoff@gmail.com.


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