Who’s Who on Charlton Street

By Cameron Krakowiak and Layne Friedman

It’s the start of the 2016 school year and just like every year there are some new students, teachers, faculty and staff. This week we will spotlight some of the new HS teachers.

Jacqueline Baker is part of the LREI math department. Baker moved from Jamaica when she was fourteen and previously worked at a public school in Brooklyn. “I am most excited about the nurturing community and the safe space that people have to take risks in an academically challenging environment,” she said. Outside of school, Baker has many other interests: “I like to be involved in activities that challenge me to grow and that are fun,” she said.

Also joining the math department is Shafeiq Baksh.  Baksh is from Silver Spring, Maryland. He has worked at Orange Preparatory Academy in Orange, New Jersey and International Leadership Charter High School in the Bronx.  When asked what he was most excited for this year, he said, “My wonderful students and colleagues who make me look forward to coming to work each day.”  Outside of LREI, Baksh plays guitar in a band and enjoys trying new restaurants in the city.

Arturo Acevedo is the newest addition to the language department. Acevedo was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the suburbs of Washington D.C. when he was six. Before teaching at LREI, Acevedo taught at the High School of Fashion Industries in Chelsea. At LREI, Acevedo has been impressed with the level of discussion with his students and looks forward to continuing to challenge them. Outside of school, Acevedo is an avid soccer and FIFA fan. He also enjoys reading, cooking, writing and classic films.

Joining the History department is Lee Pinkas. Pinkas, who is originally from New York City, has worked at both York Prep and Bronx Science. She is very excited to join the LREI community: “The students are wonderful, and everyone has been so welcoming. I am excited to learn from and collaborate with my colleagues. Oh, and the cafeteria is amazing!” Outside LREI, Pinkas does one-on-one tutoring and is learning German. She also loves the beach, books and crossword puzzles.

You may have also seen Joan Jubett-Bauer or Jonathan Shapiro around the school. Jubett-Bauer is teaching drama this year, and Shapiro is joining the English department for trimester one.


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