Urinetown – Yes, You Read That Right

By Layne Friedman and Bay Dotson

The next musical to hit LREI’s stage will be Urinetown! This satirical comedy tells the story of a town in which a twenty-year drought has caused a terrible water shortage, making private toilets unthinkable –– a messy situation for all. As a result, the mega-corporation, Urine Good Company, led by Cadwell B. Cladwell and his fraudulent team, has monopolized the toilet industry. What will happen, however, when Bobby Strong decides to put an end to the fees to pee once and for all? Find out on Thursday, February 23rd (or Friday, or Saturday).

We caught up with a few cast members to ask them what we should look forward to in the new show. Hazel Streeter said that her favorite thing about the show was how self aware and over the top it is: “It’s pretty ridiculous!” We also wanted to know a few of their favorite props, songs and characters. Gelles Russell-Davidson’s favorite prop is “the bucket of severed limbs,” while Jessica Speight loves her glittery, rhinestone-embedded cop belt. Streeter and Speight also warned to watch out for Ms. Pennywise and Hope, while Russell-Davidson enjoys the cops because “they’re so entertaining to watch.” When it comes to music, Streeter is a fan of “Follow Your Heart,” Russell-Davidson’s favorite is “Run Freedom Run” (despite its tricky choreography), and Speight likes too many songs to choose just one! They are all excited for everyone to see the show next week!


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