Amid Crowded Schedules, Students Discover Themselves

By Leo Bremond

As students hurry to exit the building on Friday at 3:10 to start their weekend festivities, senior Caroline Loeb rushes to the F train to arrive on time for her 3:45 voice lesson before heading home later in the evening to rest up for her daylong music classes at Juilliard on Saturday morning.


EI Band Has Mixed Feelings About New EP

By Patrick Faulkner

Nearing their one-year anniversary, the Elisabeth Irwin high school band Last Shelter released their first EP entitled ‘EP 1’ on January 6.

New Attendance System Aims to Curb Tardiness

By Lucy Tamarkin

Gone are the times when you could you slide by Adria at 8:31 without her noticing, or catch the sign-in sheet just in time as you rush through the door at 8:32.

What It’s Like to Be a Conservative At LREI

By Logan Cioffi

On January 20th, the majority of the student body gathered in the PAC to watch the inauguration together. But, one student, senior Isabella Bulone, chose to watch the speech in the privacy of the nurse’s office.

Sleep Deprivation in Teens

By Carley Watman

As summer approaches and the painful sounds of early morning alarm clocks begin to fade, the issue of sleep deprivation in teens deserves more attention. Most teens experience some kind of fatigue.