When the US Government Tries to Govern Beyond Its Borders

By Sarah Grados

In a room filled with the approval of like-minded older, white, conservative men, Donald Trump ignored the outcries of a nation, and responded to the ocean of women who marched in solidarity on Saturday, January 21st, for the rights to their bodies, minds and feelings about the ignorance and plethora of problems this new president is igniting.


Students Make Themselves Heard at Women’s Marches in DC, NYC

By Dalton Salisbury

A sea of pink hats flooded the streets of major cities throughout the United States last month as millions marched in response to the inauguration of President Trump.

The Birth of Change in Poland

By Sarah Grados

On Monday, November 28th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, a sea of united female voices, dressed in black, chanted amidst the storm to change a controversial abortion law.

The Inbetweeners; Models vs. the Average Women

By Stella Rose Gahan

In the fashion industry there are 3 categories of models. High Fashion consists of models that are generally a reflection of the “heroin chic” look that supermodel Twiggy inspired in the sixties. This type of modeling strictly ranges from 5’9″ to 5’11” with a tolerance of 1 inch.

Anaconda: A Feminist Movement or Nah?

By Cara Eagen and Pia Shah-Pankiewicz

Since the beginning of time, and up until recently, women have been considered the property of their husband; their only job to clean the house and have children. On August 18, 1920, when women in America were granted the right to vote, it was a beacon of hope for not only American women, but to women around the world.